About Chris Tilghman

Christopher Tilghman’s life has revolved around his family’s farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His new novel, The Right-Hand Shore and its sequel Mason’s Retreat tell the multigenerational story of a farm on... Read More »

The Right-Hand Shore

Fifteen years after the publication of his acclaimed novel, Mason’s Retreat, Christopher Tilghman returns to the Mason family and its decaying plantation on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake... Read More »

Mason’s Retreat

The 2012 edition, revised and updated on the occasion of the release of The Right-Hand Shore.

The year is 1936, and the world is on the brink of war.  American... Read More »

Life on the Shore

The Right-Hand Shore – a novel in family stories

I grew up in the Boston area, the son of a publishing executive, but from my first years my family spent... Read More »